February 18, 2015


Siempre digo que los accesorios pueden cambiar radicalmente un outfit, y lo puedo demostrar con el que os traigo hoy.
En las rebajas siempre aprovecho para comprar abrigos y cosas que sé que me voy a poner muchas veces. Y cuando encontré éste abrigo en Pull&Bear por 15 euros, supe que había encontrado LA CHAQUETA y abriga tanto que me lo quiero poner todos los días. Nunca había tenido jerséis con tonos pasteles y desde que tengo éste me he enamorado completamente. Después de ver las fotos me he dado cuenta que ando usando colores muy claros comparado con lo que suelo ponerme normalmente. Aún no puedo creerme que éste sombrero sólo me costara 3 euros, es tan bonito, al igual que las gafas que llevo, de Giant vintage, que hace meses tenía unas parecidas de ojo de pez, pero las perdí, por eso estoy muy contenta de tener unas nuevas. Aunque es un outfit diferente y realmente improvisado, al final se ha convertido en uno de mis favoritos, al igual que las fotos. Espero que pasen un buen día.

I always say that accessories can radically change an outfit, and I can prove it with this outfit.
On sales I always buy coats and things that I know I'll wear many times. And when I found this coat in Pull & Bear for 15 euros, I knew I had found THE JACKET it's so cozy that I wanna wear it everyday. I never had pastels sweaters and since I have this I've fallen completely. After seeing the pictures I've realized that I'm using very light colors compared to what I usually wear. I can't even believe that this hat only cost me 3 euros, it's so beautiful, like these glasses from Giant Vintage, I used to had similar ones, but lost them, so I'm very happy with having new ones. Although this is a different and really makeshift outfit, it has become one of my favorites, like the pictures. Hope you have a nice day.

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HAT: Stradivarius
 SWEATER: Lefties
LEGGINS: Vintage
JACKET: Pull & Bear
SUNGLASSES: Giant Vintage


  1. That jacket looks so cosy. I love the hat you have on gal... Pretty! :)
    Hope everything well in your neck of the woods. :)

  2. wow i am so in love with this look
    mainly your glasses! wow simply wow this boho style suits you perfectly!
    you just got a new follower
    hope to see more of These Outfits and styles! wow!

    hope you too visit my Blog <3

  3. Beautiful :)

  4. Love a chunky knit. So cozy.

  5. you are soo good at this.x

  6. I think it suits you very well with some lighter colors! The details of this outfit are amazing - the hat and the pattern on the pans make it special :) I need a brown hat as well I think! A nice day to you too.


  7. Hola mi Solete! la chaqueta la vi pero luego yo no me veia con ese estilo, me parece chulisima eso si pero en vosotras la veo genial y en mi como que no me veo jeje, el jersey es amor y el gorrito genial! voy a mirar en ultimaas rebajas a ver si consigo un sombrero por fin y encima baratito jeje, un besiko bomboncito! ;)

  8. Wow, such a great look, love your jacket. ^^
    Lovely greets Nessa

  9. What a cute look dear. Your jacket is really pretty.
    Have a beautiful Thursday.

  10. Pues cuando vayas a flamingos vas a flipaaaar Sol, buaah al menos yo con el de Murcia me quedaba con TODO jajaja aunque falta que traigan cosas que pedí pero de momento genial. Las gafas son un clon de las mias de Zara eh me encantan,le dan otro rollo al outfit, las fotos me han encantado y el outfit en general es de 10. Porque es que quien no arriesga no gana no?

    Un abrazo mi niña

  11. You look lovely :)
    I love that sweater and leggings!

  12. Such nice round glasses

    xoxo, ♥

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    I have followed you already :)

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  16. There's nothing I don't like about your outfit! Also, your hair is sooo beautiful! Love it!! <3

    I followed your blog via GFC. I hope you follow me back :)

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    I`m follow you in GFC.

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  18. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment. I followed you via GFC, it would awesome if you'd follow back! Also, I really love your outfit! It's very bold. I can never see myself wearing patterned pants, but you make them look good! Very much obsessed with your denim jacket and hat as well! Great post!

    Abigail | Cheers to Now

  19. This outfit is stunning! Love your jumper! Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, I've followed you on GFG would be so nice if you did the same when you have time! :)


    Beth |

  20. 15 euros for that jacket...that's really a bargain.
    you look great...and the hat is divine.
    the sunnies were made for you!!!!!

  21. Thanks for coming to my blog dear.
    beautiful hair !
    yes, of course I go to follow each other, beginning ... I have just become a follower of your blog.
    I hope spares --->
    I wait for you, kiss!

  22. Beautiful! Love the whole outfit :D

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  24. beautiful glasses!
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  25. Thanks for the comment- yes I'd love to follow your, your blog is so lovely!! Please follow back??xx

  26. Whaaat only 3 €?? You gotta be kiddin!! I love this look and I'm so much of a sale shopper as well. I basically only shop on sales. The coats amazing and I love the neutral colors on you. Amazing sunnies btw.

    xx Lori

  27. Amazing look. You always pull off outfit and a unique way.

  28. Amazing!!!! You very cool blogger!!!


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